Ananda Vegan Sausages and Burger Patties

Plant-Based / Vegan Sausages & Burger Patties

Welcome to Ananda, producers of delicious and healthy plant-based sausages and burger patties.
All made with love, right here in New Zealand ❤️

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Who we are

Hi, we're Greg, Cat and Dallas ☺️

We are the proud new owners of Ananda, an amazing plant based sausage and burger patty business, which was founded in New Zealand in 2018.Ananda sausages started in the markets around Christchurch about 5 years ago, where they quickly made a name for themselves as the best tasting vege/vegan saussies around. Not long after, they won the FoodStuffs FoodStarted competition, meaning they could be packaged and distributed to South Island supermarkets!So what's next? While Ananda was born in Christchurch, we live in Mangawhai (Northland) and we're working really hard to hone production on sausages and patties so that in 2023/2024 we can bring these delicious sausages and burger patties to the North Island as well!Thank you so much for your support - we absolutely love these amazing products and we're sure you will too 😀

Plant-Based / Vegan Sausages

Our sausages are well spiced with great texture and flavour, making them a versatile addition to any meal. Use as is or sliced on pizzas and sandwiches. Perfect chopped up as a meat alternative in stews and stir fries.

There are two delicious sausage flavours:

A hickory-smoked flavour with a hint of rosemary

A classic Italian favourite, spiced with fennel and chilli

Plant-Based / Vegan Burger Patties

Ananda burger patties are ideal for burgers, salads and wraps or are a great snack on their own!

There are two scrumptious patty flavours:

Chickpea and Hemp Seeds
The chickpea patties have a delicious nutty flavour and the hemp seeds add a silky touch
Smoked Lentil
Our lentil patties have a lovely hickory-wood smoky flavour


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